Are you haunted by what-ifs?

Does life really get in the way, or do you get in your own way?

I got in my own way if I’m being honest with myself. There is a list of things I blame for my fall away from photography … my lost passion for the art.  The entire list is nothing but excuses.

1. I don’t have time.

If you want to do something, you make time to do it. Period. This doesn’t need an explanation.

2. There are many other people doing the same thing.

If you want it badly enough, do it anyway. Do it better than others. Offer things that not a lot of other people offer. Make what you do special. Stand out!

3. I don’t feel supported by the important people in my life.

This is huge! It’s hard to do something when no one believes you can be successful. I’m stuck on this one and don’t have any advice to offer here. It’s a vicious circle. I don’t talk about it because I don’t feel supported, and people don’t seem supportive because I don’t talk about it enough to show that I’m serious.

4. I’m afraid of success.

And…. there it is! What if people really do like my work? (Sometimes I feel it’s pacifying lip service … it’s true.) If people started showing interest in hiring me, then I’d be back at number one struggling to make time. I’d have to show up. I’d have to put on a happy face if I didn’t feel so happy on the day of a photoshoot or event.

5. I don’t feel well enough equipped.

So what?! Work with what you have and make it work for you. It’s okay to start small. Who cares if anyone notices that you don’t have the most expensive equipment? It’s the end result that’s important. Get over your personal hangups and just do it!

Do any or all of these hit home for anyone?

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