The Art of Trip Planning {Part 4}

Is it possible to study a map too much?

It might be when that map is Google Maps, and you spend hours roaming in street view!

Ideas flowed easily at first. Then I hit a roadblock and had to stop working on the itinerary for a while. I mentioned before that I suck at planning! The problem? So many possibilities and so little time.

The Tools

  • Google Maps
  • Trello – a board just for London
  • Pinterest – again, a board just for this London trip
  • Google Sheets – an ultimate spreadsheet with lists, links, budget, and itinerary
  • Amazon – buy trip needs and have them delivered to your door

With all these tools, why haven’t I completed an itinerary yet?

Because of all these tools! Would I do better at this point with an old-fashioned map and a notepad? NAH! There are so many things I’d love to see and do, but there’s not enough time to do them all. There’s not enough time to do half of them without being completely exhausted at the end of each day.

How will I choose what to do and what to save for another trip? 

  1. Make a list of everything I’m interested in.
  2. Rank by assigning a level of importance to each site and adventure.
  3. Break list down into three separate lists (high, medium, and low priority).
  4. Group things down further into locations so we aren’t criss-crossing the town and wasting time.
  5. Block time and fit as much in each block as possible. Reserve time for relaxing, eating, and beveraging. Spell check tells me that’s not a word … don’t care!
  6. Walk away from everything for a while.
  7. Come back, refine, and add options in case some places are too crowded.

Next up in this trip planning series…

What to pack and what to leave behind.


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