The Recycling Saga Continues

Word Fluff!

That’s how I take it. I’ve been conditioned to not believe the words that leave his mouth but rather take them as pacifying.

Plastic bags are not part of our recycling pick-up. It’s on the NO list from Waste Management.

I have pulled this particular item out of the recycling bin twice and explained this to him. I’ve explained that plastic bags of any kind are not acceptable recycling. Every time, I get the same response. Every. Time.

“Oh really?? I didn’t know that.”

The cardboard packaging not broken down? Another issue entirely. It literally takes like FIVE SECONDS to break down and flatten food boxes!

Am I alone in this struggle? Please tell me I’m not alone.

2 Replies to “The Recycling Saga Continues”

  1. Word fluff! Hilarious! No you are not alone. I think when they say “I didn’t know” they really mean “When you told me, I didn’t care, so I didn’t retain it.”


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