Eye Makeup Over 50

… and sometimes over 40.

Heavy eye makeup can make women look older, not younger. Dark colors and thick eyeliner draw attention to wrinkles and weigh down a face. Lighter colors can appear to give a lift to your face. Don’t believe me? Watch this…

Still not buying it? How about this…


I don’t wear much makeup. Most days, I don’t wear any at all because I work from home and don’t need to. If a video conference is scheduled, I might fill in some eyebrows and brush on a coat of mascara.

I do, however, take care of my skin. I use No7 Restore & Renew face cream day and night. I realize this collection is designated for age 60+, but early prevention never hurt anyone. I always remove makeup before going to bed, which is something I didn’t always do when I was younger. Not only is it good for my skin, but it’s also refreshing and relaxing.

Genetics play a role in the whole aging process, but so does taking care of your skin and yourself. Avoid the sun, don’t smoke, and try to relax and have fun.

Featured Photo by Diana Kadreva on Unsplash

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