The Size of Wedding

If you’ve already had a big wedding, would you do it all over again, go smaller, or even elope?

If you’re currently planning a wedding, are you planning a big wedding? If so, what about a big wedding appeals to you? I’m truly curious because as an anxious introvert who isn’t a romantic. I really don’t understand it.

Think back to your wedding day. Did your wedding go smoothly, or did things go wrong? I mean, did anything really go wrong? There’s a big difference. Was it catastrophic or just not as you planned?

I’m trying to be delicate and not hurt feelings or make anyone feel that I’m judging them. I had a big wedding but wouldn’t have minded a much smaller one or even eloping. I didn’t feel a reverence or any sort of symbolism during the ceremony. In fact, we chatted and laughed a little while the Pastor doing the readings or sermon or whatever.

We weren’t religious, church-going people so I don’t understand why it was so important to get married in a church. I love outdoor weddings now. With so many beautiful locations to get married in Colorado, they’re my favorite!

You see, I also photograph weddings sometimes. There are a few things that get me teary, but I never understand those who stress out while getting ready.

Receptions are fun, but I don’t remember many conversations I had with our guests (I wasn’t sloshed). It was a big party where most people stuck to their own groups to socialize. I did not assign seating. I can’t imagine working on a seating chart!

Is that terrible that I’d choose to have a much smaller wedding if I had it to do all over again?

Featured Photo by James Bold on Unsplash

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