The Book is not always Better than the Film

The Handmaid’s Tale

After watching two seasons of The Handmaid’s Tale, I finally read the book. I bought Margaret Atwood’s book before watching the show because I didn’t have Hulu at the time, but I was reading something else at the time and set it aside.

The setting is a dystopian city in what used to be the USA, but no details were mentioned in the book or in the show about what happened. Neither revealed what year the story took place. We know it’s before 2195 because that’s when the scene in the book’s epilogue took place.

There were more details added to the series that were not in the book, and I think this made the show better. Books leave room for imagination, but the show takes a lot of liberties.

Something that was the same was Offred’s memories popping up with no introduction or warning of the transitions.

I read somewhere that the narration by Offred, played by Elisabeth Moss on the Hulu series, is something that the producer chose to leave out of the 1990 movie adaptation of the book. I don’t remember ever seeing the movie so that is now on my movies to watch list. (I’ll probably update this post after I watch it.)

Until then, I’ll just leave this wretched rambling of opinion here. It’s not meant to be a review – just my thoughts.

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