A New Journey Begins {blogging}

Am I on a road to nowhere or a road to great adventures?

Internally, this question has me conflicted. I want to say that I don’t care, but I know that I do care. It’s the nature of the beast.

What is this adventure?

I’m going to try to return to blogging. Try being the operative word here. I make no promises but do want to find the motivation to stick with it and renew my creativity. You could say I lost my mojo. That frustrates me and makes me feel even lazier than I already know that I am.

I’m going to let go of my obsession with right-justification of text so I can post from my phone if the desire strikes. The phone app doesn’t give this edit option so, picking my battles, I’m willing to let this one go to make life easier.

What will I blog about?

Anything and everything. As the name of my blog indicates, my cadence is capricious … my timing and flow are fickle. My blog has no theme and doesn’t stick to a specific content. I may review something one day, write about politics another day, and post a small quip or quote on still another day. Who cares? I’m not trying to be a cookie cutter blogger.

How often will I blog?

I’m going to try to jump into this with gusto and post something every day of the week in September. It’s day two, and I’m going strong! It’s a baby step. Let me celebrate this victory!

To accomplish this, I want to get out of the house more often and read more (books, news, other blogs). It’s hard to come up with things to write about if I don’t experience much of life. Yesterday’s post is a prime example of an experience prompting me to write.

Why did I fall away from blogging?

I keep a handwritten journal, complete with Washi Tape, stickers, stencils, and pictures. I spend a lot of time doing that and then I don’t feel like typing up a blog post as well. My journal entries may downsize to allow more time for blogging.

#2: WORK
I sit at a computer all day at work typing frantically to stay caught up. That never mattered to me before, but that changed along the way. I started turning off my brain after work.

Here’s to a new journey … May it be a grand adventure!

Featured Photo by thomas van der vennet on Unsplash

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