Forever Flawless Preys on Women with High-Pressure Sales

Cross over to the other side of the mall to avoid these people!

This place is just high-pressure sales by people who try to make you believe you need their products to look beautiful.

They lure you in with a lotion sample then apply product under one eye while saying the results will depend on how much makeup you’re wearing.

The sales person asked my age and complimented me for looking younger than what I am. He asked if I used Botox. I never have and never will have that crap injected anywhere in my body! He also asked what I currently use on my face. I use Neutrogena face wipes and No7 face cream morning and night.

He told me he could see a big difference after just a few minutes. I didn’t see it and thought he was full of shit. I know he’s trying to make money, but this is ridiculously priced product. I’ll get to the price in a bit. Brace yourself!

I told him that I’d have to see how my skin reacted over the next 24 hours before deciding whether to purchase.

More sales pressure ensued. When I insisted that I didn’t really see a difference, he asked if he could wash under my eyes and apply to both. OK. I’ll play this game a little longer. I still didn’t see much of a difference.

Over the span of time spent on sales pitching, I began feeling tightness under my eyes. I looked in the mirror again and noticed more crinkling at the outer corners of my eyes. I touched the skin under my eyes, and it felt dry and papery. He tried to tell me that was normal. What?!

I want to keep moisture under my eyes, not dry that skin out. I hated the feeling. This is insane. I can’t believe anyone likes this feeling. It’s so fake!

Even more insane is the price of the eye serum was $399, to which he was going to add a face cream and exfoliating cream for free. I said I didn’t have that kind of money to spend and really need to see how my skin reacts.

At that point, he said he’d see what he could do for me and would give me his card. Curiously, he didn’t have this card on or near him and had to go near the register to get it. After a few minutes, he came back with a card offering me a free facial and 25% off the offered product. Then he pulled up a calculator app on his phone to do the math.

Sorry, dude. No. That’s still over $300 after taxes.

More fast talking ensued, including showing me pictures of some very wrinkled elderly ladies with their supposed “after” pictures. I didn’t show surprise because I don’t believe such before and after pictures. I know how to photoshop images as a photographer. I need to see the results in person. Then he typed “159.00” on his calculator, held it up, and asked me if I could do that.

No. (I should have taken out my phone, typed “159.00” on my calculator app, and said ‘yes I can.’) … sarcasm

Abruptly, with extended hand, he said, “Thank you for your time.”

He lost the game.

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