Am I Caving to the Rage?

Resolutions? Nope! However… I do believe in setting goals, never mind that I suck at reaching goals. So I’m going to set goals and see how it goes.

Goal #1 – New wake-up routine.

I work from home, and I currently get out of bed 30 minutes before I clock in. Phase one will be to get out of bed 30 minutes earlier. Phase two will be to get out of bed 45 minutes earlier.

What is the benefit of this goal?

I like the calm quietness of morning and want to try to utilize that time to enjoy a full cup of coffee uninterrupted while writing in my journal or blogging or planning meals and adventures. I like to just sit and let my mind wake up before jumping into work, where the questions and projects and reports (OH MY!) begin as soon as everyone sees that I’m available on Slack.

Of course, this will mean an earlier bedtime, too. That’s where I’ll have issues. Discipline!

Goal #2 – Get out of the house on my days off more. I set this goal every year, and every year it never happens. I will make it happen this year no matter how much I’d rather be lazy and sit around the house.

What is the benefit of this goal?

You see, I noticed a pattern in my year end reviews I write in my journals. I’m least happy in the winter when I don’t want to go out in the cold, and I’m most happy in the summer when it’s warmer, the daylight lasts longer, and I get out of the house and do things. There doesn’t have to be a reason for outings … nothing to buy … no activity to participate in. On my days off when everyone else is working or at school, taking my Surface Book or journal to a coffee shop or library for a change in scenery is enough of a switch-up to make a difference in my day.

Goal #3 – Do NOT make any goals about weight. Stop worrying about it and just accept that I’m getting older and let it happen.

Featured Photo by Thomas Martinsen on Unsplash

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