Dangerous Weapons

Accusations (and boycotts) wield a different kind of bullet.

Rapidly picking up momentum, accusations of sexual assault are aimed to take down people in positions of power. All of the allegations I’ve heard so far are against men. If there have been any against women, Americans would most definitely dismiss them and argue that men can defend themselves. What a twisted argument!

From Harvey Weinstein to Roy Moore (and, by extension, Sean Hannity for supposedly defending Moore) and even Kevin Spacey and George Takei, allegations from the past are coming out of the woodwork.

This morning, I heard that Keurig has pulled advertising during The Sean Hannity Show. Twitter is buzzing (tweeting?) about how Keurig has shot itself in the foot by this decision, especially right before Christmas stating that their sales will plummet. Right-wingers are threatening to tell all their friends (boo hoo!) to boycott the company.

One tweet spouted off about how thousands of their followers will boycott Keurig (coffee pot pun intended). What percentage of those followers have and/or use Keurig products (Green Mountain Coffee)? This may represent a negligible decline in sales. He also thinks Hannity speaks for the majority of the American people. WRONG! #fakenews

David Weissman Keurig Tweet

Another person tweeted that Keurig alienated half the country. REALLY? A whole half of the country? More #fakenews. Don’t you love childish, misinformed comebacks?

Keurig allienates half the country.

I’ve spent too much time on this post to go and research the affects of boycotts on companies vs. the amount of money saved by pulling sponsorship. There has to be an offset there to help prevent hurting the economy (think sales and people’s jobs).

For what it’s worth, Keurig is not the only company pulling their advertisement. Among the others are:

Nature’s Bounty

Take a look at the list of companies Trump supporters have boycotted. They certainly aren’t hurting for business for being boycotted by presumable “half the country”!

These heated reactions come from a place of hate cloaked with pride and riddled with adrenaline and anxiety. We are becoming less and less the peaceful nation we pride ourselves on being. WE will be our own demise.

Somebody call the wahmbulance!

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