Shootings Everywhere | Want to do something good?

The more lives that are taken by shooters, the more I want to help others. Join me?

There’s a family that I’ve known for over 25 years. They became like family to me. They’re the type of people who help others without hesitation or reservation. The family matriarch is affectionately referred to as Nanny.

Heroin addicts are somebody's someone.Nanny’s youngest child, Bree, was recently found dead at the back of an abandoned lot near an alley in the city of St. Louis. The cause of death was an overdose. The family is in a financial hardship, and they and don’t have the money to pay for cremation. Nanny, who is on disability leave, has been caring for Bree’s children (her grandsons) for about 15 years. Until they have the funds, Bree remains in morgue drawer.

I started a GoFundMe page to raise money to cover end-of-life expenses (cremation and memorial). If the goal of $2,000 is met and funds remain, that money will go towards things the boys need and Christmas gifts.

Bree's funeral fundraiser - GoFundMe
Click photo to donate on GoFundMe

This page is being shared by many people. It has the potential to reach hundreds of people. If 200 people gave just $5, that would be $1,000. As of this writing, the fund has reached $710. Do you see how incredibly close that would put us to the goal?


For less than a grande Pumpkin Spice Latte, and in just a few minutes, your donation could be added to the fund. A fast food meal costs anywhere from $5 to $10. Why not take lunch or cook at home in exchange for making a nominal donation?

The faster the goal is reached, the faster Bree can be set free and find her final resting place.

Before judging addicts, know that a person can get hooked after one time. What Makes Heroin so Addictive? Addiction is a disease. Drug addicts should receive just as much help as a person with any other disease.

See also: Brain changes in an addict make it hard to resist heroin and similar drugs

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