Coffee or Tea?

Health benefits of Coffee vs Tea

White Earl Grey teaWhich is your steamy beverage of choice? I like both coffee and tea depending on my mood. I’m currently in the mood for tea (Dazbog – White Earl Grey).

I didn’t know that studies have shown that properties found in coffee can raise cholesterol. I like that it can reduce the risk of dying from heart disease and lower the odds of suffering from Alzheimer’s later in life.

I’ll be drinking more white and green teas. White tea has been found to inhibit the growth of new fat cells, and green tea has thermogenic properties and promotes fat oxidation (energy!). White tea has a higher concentration of antioxidants than green tea.

Who knew that tea contains fluoride? I didn’t!

There are some trade offs, though. Tea can contain pesticides. Adding milk to tea may stop some of the benefits tea has against cancer. I like a splash of milk in my tea sometimes. Coffee can decrease blood flow to the heart and stains your teeth (more than tea).

If you’re looking for the most caffeine, brewed coffee is the way to go at about 150 mg per cup. Black tea has half the amount of caffeine as brewed coffee. Green tea has about half as much caffeine as black tea, and white tea has slightly less than green.

For visual people, here’s a fun infographic:

The health benefits of coffee vs tea

Featured Image Photo by Free from Pexels

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      1. I think our taste buds change over time or we just get tired of the same old thing or we are just CRAZY 😜


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