Reality Check

Keep it Real

Do you ever read a bog that’s full of nothing but sunshine and happiness and then feel like crap about your own life? Do you wonder if that blogger ever has a bad day, a life struggle, or get mad about anything? I guarantee you, they do! There’s no way they can’t.

My life is quite ordinary. I’m usually a fairly positive and optimistic person, but I find myself trusting and liking people less and less the older I get. Some of the new “societal norms” disgust me. Class, respect, and decorum are being left in the dust. If refusing to accept or tolerate that makes me a snowflake, then let it snow!

Here’s my morning dose of reality…

I woke up, pulled back my hair, and made my way to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. I found two used coffee pods on the counter. While my cup was filling, I tossed the used pods in the trash, filled the dog’s bowl with food, and grabbed my cream from the fridge.

Upon opening the fridge, a horrid odor assaulted my nose. I hunted down the culprit, which turned out to be some spoiled ready-made guacamole that someone didn’t bother to seal and forgot about for who knows how long.

After taking some broken-down cardboard boxes to the recycle bin in the garage and opening the door so the dog could go outside, I stepped away from the mess in the kitchen sink and on the counter and on the stove top to enjoy my coffee and read a few blog posts. I was bitter enough about the kitchen and the fact that everyone takes for granted that I will be the one to clean it up.

This is how I start most mornings. Grumbling to myself wondering why it’s so hard to take three steps to the trashcan or rinse a plate or even toss what’s left on the plate in the trash before putting it in the sink. REALLY? What’s the rush? Where’s the slightest attention to detail?

When things like this are disregarded as inconvenient obsessions, I feel personally disregarded. When things I suggest to make life simpler in the long run don’t matter to others, I feel like I don’t matter to others.

There you have it. Reality. My entire days aren’t this frustrating. There are plenty of good things and happiness.

What are the bees in your bonnets? 

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