So Here’s the Truth

I’m an impostor.

Okay, so some would call it being mature and showing restraint. At work, it’s called being professional. Sometimes I just want to say exactly what’s on my mind. Sometimes I don’t want to watch my language.

I think this blog should stop being a place to be so diplomatic about things and become a place where I let my snark flag fly when I need it to fly. Not always. Probably not that often, really. But definitely sometimes.

Do you ever feel like an impostor?

Photo by Lex Sirikiat on Unsplash

2 Replies to “So Here’s the Truth”

  1. I’ve been thinking along the same lines lately, especially when it feels like I’m tip toeing around in my writing and I start trying to force topics.

    Ultimately, if I’m not able to communicate my truth then something has to change.

    My friend David said that if I’m not nervous about what I’m publishing, then it might not even be wirth publishing.


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