Frozen the Musical – Broadway Bound


The rest of the week is sold out. Frozen’s final week in Denver before packing up and heading to New York for their official opening on Broadway at the St. James Theatre early 2018 is SOLD OUT!

I’m sad not because I didn’t get to see it but because I only got to see it TWICE!  When I bought the second set of tickets, I felt a little guilty. That guilt quickly disappeared once the lights went down and the music started.

Many people don’t understand the excitement. So many adults poo-poo the movie, and I just don’t get that! Part of me thinks it’s just the way adults are these days. Like they have to express annoyance at children’s animated movies … or any new Disney movie for that matter. I also wonder if those poo-poo’ing adults have actually really watched and paid attention to the entire movie. It’s adorable and funny and heart-warming!

Frozen the Musical - Disney - Broadway
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Olaf is my favorite character in the movie, but I have to say that Anna (Patti Murin) is my favorite character on stage. Of course, Caissie Levy is amazing as Elsa. Her shining moment is when she sings the snot out of “Let it Go”. I … DIED … I … literally … CRIED! Both times! For most of the show, though, Anna steals it. My cheeks literally hurt from the huge smile on my face the entire first act!

If you find yourself in New York next spring or summer, see Frozen the Musical!

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