Exciting Number on the Scale This Morning!

On September 15, 2015, I posted a similar image with a much larger number. That number went down slightly before rocketing to 148 (point something that I don’t care to remember) over the next few months.

Between physicals in March 2016 and March 2017, I bounced back and forth but finally made it down to a steady hover between 132 and 134 for the past several months. Since tossing the Fitbit aside, not tracking steps or food, and only being mindful to stop eating once I feel satisfied but not uncomfortably stuffed, I’ve been slowly shedding ounces each week.

Imagine my joy when I saw this number on my scale this morning!

Weight loss total in 16 months: 19 pounds

When I got married in March 1989, I weighed 98 pounds. Before conceiving 11 months later, I gained 11 pounds (on purpose) and enjoyed daily aerobics. (We won’t discuss how much I gained during that twin pregnancy, which ended in preeclampsia!)

Seventeen years later, I was working retail (Michael’s Arts & Crafts) and maintaining a healthy weight for my 5 foot 2 (and a smidge) inch, small-frame body at between 115-118 pounds. Then I took another desk job, sat on my ass all day, and gained 5 pounds the first year on the job … and another 5 the next year … and so on, and so on. I was also feeling increasingly out of breath during any amount of extra activity, uncomfortable in many types of clothes, and I was spending money on larger clothes.

I’d go through phases of accepting myself just as I am then kicking myself for being lazy and not taking better care of myself and watching the junk I put in my body and getting regular (any) exercise. ENOUGH!

I’m also at a place where a lot of people would tell me I look fine and wonder why I was even trying to lose weight not be over my ideal weight and BMI. Be very aware, readers, that I do not want to be 98 pounds! I want to be in my ideal weight range for my age and body type, which is 115-120 pounds. PERIOD!

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