Fitbit Anectdote

Upon seeing a Fitbit on my arm, a man proceeded to tell me that studies have proven such devices are not accurate and that the Fitbit was the worst. I found that rather bold but didn’t have the time for an equally bold response. If I had, I would have come back with something like this:

What a bold thing to share with someone wearing a Fitbit. I appreciate your input. If I may be as bold with a response? The device on my arm serves as a watch just as much as a general fitness and sleep tracker. I realize that it isn’t 100% accurate, but it does provide a close enough estimate for my needs.

Fitbit anectdote - accuracy of step counters

For the first time in the past five days, I surpassed my sleep goal of 7 hours by 48 minutes. Removing a margin of error, I know that I slept at least 7.5 hours. That’s accurate enough for me!

Do you wear a fitness tracker? Has anyone ever poo-poo’d something you use or do to your face?

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