Blog vs Journal

Social media is dangerous. Words fly off keyboards with reckless abandon. I once got a rude comment on Facebook related to one of my blog posts. The comment came from someone I know through another friend and from the church I used to go to. Yeah, she’s actually a church-goer yet had the balls to be snarky like that. I wonder if she would have said what she wrote to my face. Knowing her personality, I think she may have.

So here I am, wondering what to blog. Should I hold back for fear of unwittingly pissing someone off or hurting feelings? Should I blog at all? It’s not like anyone is on the edge of their seat waiting for my next post. I did stop sharing my posts on Facebook.

This is part of the reason I pulled back and all but stopped blogging. I considered shutting down my blog completely. It’s a thought that hasn’t left my mind. I’ve turned to a handwritten journal. It’s full of thoughts, planning, and sorting things out. It’s the kind of stuff that would bore the pants off anyone. It’s also a creative outlet because I decorate the pages with Washi tape and stickers.

handwritten journal pages decorated with washi tape

What’s left to write about here? Who’s interested in what I have to say? Why am I here?

Hello? Is anybody out there?

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