Believe Without Being Naive

I grew up in the Show-Me state (Missouri). In most instances, I do have to see things to believe them. Growing up in a fairly large suburban area of St. Louis county, I encountered story tellers, embellishers, and liars.

I guess people who grew up sheltered or in small towns or who just didn’t get out much may not have encountered such falsehoods in their lives. I can almost understand their naivete and quickness to believe whatever they hear or read. It’s the seemingly well-educated people who believe everything that I don’t understand.

Flora Stanley's piano at the Stanley Hotel. Wife of Freelan Oscar (F.O.) Stanley.

Would you believe that a piano play without anyone sitting there actually playing it? I suppose it might be plausible for a person to be receptive to hearing such things if hauntings actually exist. I must not be one of those people, sadly. I would welcome such perception, but it just hasn’t happened to me yet – at least not profoundly and unmistakably. There have been times that could have been explained as encountering a spirit, but there has always been another way to explain what happened or what I felt.

So, dear loved ones who have passed, if you’re trying to get my attention, you’re going to have to be a lot more deliberate in your attempts.

Do you believe in hauntings or the existence of spirits? Have you had any encounters personally? Please share! I’d love to hear (read) about them!

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