The Power of Words

JWoww (Jenny Farley) posted this video on Instagram with the caption “My little helper 💖 She loves to help out“, and everyone thought it was so cute (including me):

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My little helper 💖 She loves to help out

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The Duggar family posted a similar photo, captioned “Train them young! These little ones love to ‘help’” on their Facebook page, and they were blasted for it by trolls. They obviously didn’t get the Proverbs 22:6 reference about training children.

That one word, “train”, had so many judgmental people in a tizzy as if it had negative connotations. It means to teach. Do they not teach their own children how to clean up after themselves? I wonder if all of those people who commented negatively would actually confront the Duggars and say the same things to their faces. I genuinely believe a few would but am fairly certain many wouldn’t.

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