Hot, Sunny Day for an Outdoor Wedding

It’s currently 92 degrees and rising. The ceremony is at 5pm, at which time it will be close to 100 degrees in full sun. Still, the wedding I’m helping photograph today is at the Denver Botanical Gardens Chatfield Farms. Shooting towards the gazebo, there’s a view of mountains in the background. It should be beautiful!

Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms Gazebo

The reception is just a short walk (or golf cart ride) to a barn. No need to travel to a park for fancy pictures because we’re already in one!

Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms Barn

At the risk of sharing too much information … but keeping it real … I have no idea where the restrooms are at this place. This is very important to know because I have a very specific need for such facilities today. It’s rough enough finding time to use the loo when shooting weddings because of the fast pace, but throw mother nature in the mix, and it could be a recipe for disaster! Back up will definitely be employed.

This will be my first photo gig with my new Trolley Dolly. I’ll be able to offer a review on that after today. I can already say that I wish it had an extendable handle for navigating stairs. I’m only 5’2″ and have to contort my body a bit to get this thing up and down stairs. Today, it’s holding a camera bag, lens sac, snacks, and a BYOBag full of bottled water.

On that note … I’m off to get ready. My ride will be here in an hour!

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