My Beautiful City – Denver

It’s certainly not hard to love Colorado. I almost don’t want to tell anyone this, though. Too many people are moving here because it’s 420 friendly. I don’t have any desire to join in experiencing this or any other drug, and I hate the skunk smell along Valley Highway around the Santa Fe area, where there are a lot of growers.

Then I take in the view of the city beyond City Park with the mountains in the distance and forget all that.

Denver cityscape between City Park and the Rocky Mountains.

I was born and raised in the St. Louis area in Missouri. I never felt comfortable or safe going downtown there. Denver is a whole other story! I love downtown Denver!

My absolute favorite part of downtown is the Denver Center for Performing Arts. There are several smaller theaters plus the main theaters: The Buell (plays and musicals) and the Ellie (opera house also for plays and musicals plus some concerts). We go to at least one, if not two, productions at the Buell every year. Usually it’s just my girls and me, but my husband has joined for Wicked and Phantom.

We’ve seen Phantom of the Opera and Wicked twice each. We’ve also seen Evita, If/Then, Mama Mia (their farewell tour), Chicago, and Cabaret. In a few months, we’re going to see Frozen! Compared to everything else we’ve seen, this may seem like small potatoes, but Denver is their preview city and the only place they’re performing before opening on Broadway. That’s pretty neat!

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