Alone … On Purpose

Do you ever just want to be alone? Does it happen more often than wanting to be with people? This happens to me. A lot.

It’s not a depression thing. It’s more of an anxiety thing. Being around people too much and for too long is exhausting. I have to turn on my outgoing introvert self. After being with company for a while, I need even more alone time to recharge. After all these years, someone in my life still takes it personally and frequently walks by seeming to check on me and asks if I’m alright. Sweet, I guess, but further exhausting.

Washi tape for journaling.

Enter journaling. My escape. My gathering of thoughts. What I do when I need to pour out feelings, thoughts, plans, and soul searching.

I bought more Washi tape yesterday. Between my existing Washi stash and my new Washi finds, I decorated 24 page spreads in my journal yesterday and wrote eight pages of content.

A thought occurred to me. Maybe I can dedicate my long-windedness to journaling and my short quips to Facebook. That way, I can keep my blog posts (most of them) to a middle ground. I lose interest if a post is too long. Many people do.


If I set a goal of blogging at least 4 days per week through July, will I succeed?

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