Women’s March – People March Worldwide

Women’s March on Denver – Timelapse Video

Women, men, LGBTQIA, and more marched in Denver … and Washington DC and Los Angeles and St. Louis … and London and Paris and Japan and Kenya and … suffice it to say this is a worldwide movement.

Women’s March on Denver – January 20, 2017

Comments on The Denver Post’s Facebook live video this morning showed certain ignorance:

“Obvious Abortionists are the ULTIMATE Haters as they MURDER another Human Being with a SPIRIT at conception…. Everyone has to answer to God for their actions.” (posted by a male)

“I’m very confused on how any woman living here in the United States of America things they have it hard and they don’t have equality and rights.?! Have you spent time in other countries and seen what it’s like to be a woman there? This is an act of being spoiled and unthankful. Be thankful where you are and with what you have as a free woman. We can work, study, have fun, speak our mind, dress how we like, marry who we want abd much much more..be happy with the freedom. What is sooo bad that you have to protest and march about I would love to know.” (posted by a female)

“What rights as a woman do you actually think you are losing?” (posted by a female)

I’ve never seen so many 2nd place losers in my life. Bless your hearts u bunch of snowflakes” (posted by a male)

“Lol crawl back under your rocks yellow snow. Dont be mad that you are being treated like minorities, cause you are!!” (posted by a male)

Hey ladies…what rights do you think you will be losing? I’m a woman and just because a new leader is in office doesn’t mean I’m going to lose my rights! Since I’m not at the March – I’m not losing: being warm, my coffee and breakfast, a day to be thankful and do what I enjoy.” (posted by a female)

“I know a lot of woman with good paying jobs. This is bullshit. My female co workers make just as much.” (posted by a male)

This has got to be my favorite:

“Shut up and get back in the kitchen where you belong!” (posted by a male)

“Marchers: Try praying instead of marching. Praying is where your real answers come from.” (posted by a female)

A lot of those marching do pray as well.

This one can’t support the march because it’s all or nothing to her:

“I believe ALL lives matter, INCLUDING the unborn. I can’t support this march because it includes the right to kill the most innocent.” (posted by a female)

Silly people with blinders on, stubborn people who don’t take the time to understand the whole point, arrogant people who think they’re right and these millions of people marching are wrong, gullible people who believe everything will be alright (whether by faith in God or by faith in the judicial system), and even those who think this is all about abortion rights, this is about so much more.

These people are appalled by the values (or lack thereof) that Trump displayed on his campaign trail, and they are scared.

If you want to know everything these people marched for, read their Unity Principles. Here is their Mission & Vision.

I’m concerned that so many are strongly supporting Trump and are “all in” for him, some seeming to put him on a pedestal. He’s officially the President of the United States now, and I hope this movement has an impact and he doesn’t send this nation backwards in time.


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