45th Inauguration & Obama Tribute

While many chose not to watch the inauguration of our 45th President, Donald Trump, it is history. I love history. I watched.

Though I didn’t vote for him, I’m not a “radical” liberal. My views lean left, but I’m more of a centrist. I do hope Trump’s administration doesn’t touch any of the rights of woman and of the LGBT community.

People are saying he’s “not my president”. If you are a U.S. citizen, he is your president. I’m a rebellious and resistant person by nature and not afraid to question authority, but I still respect it. While skeptical, I do hold hope that things will be okay.

There are people saying “good riddance” (some distastefully) to President Obama. That’s mean. Sadly, this has become acceptable behavior in America. I don’t support that. We’ve become an uncivil-ization.

Here’s a fun tribute to the Obamas.

We need to be a united nation to prosper. I hope this division lessens soon. We all enjoy the same freedoms, and we all solute the same flag. We need to pray for, meditate over, and not lose all hope in our new President, Donald Trump.

Farewell, President Obama.

Ellen's tribute to the Obamas.

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