What’s the point of blogging?

Seriously! What’s the point of blogging?

I know there are people with large followings who get sponsors. The key there is that you have to have a large following to make it worth a sponsor’s while. The larger your following, the better your chances not only of working with a sponsor but of making money. This isn’t my goal. I think it turns it into a job, and I already have one of those.

Here are some of my reasons for blogging:

  1. I like to write. It’s that simple.
  2. I have opinions.
  3. I like to advocate for causes and bring attention to important things and issues.
  4. If I ever want to venture into something more with my blog, I’ll have had all of this practice.

Of course I know #4 will probably never happen, but it doesn’t hurt anything to have dreams!

Here is something very personal from my hand-written journal. It’s raw and honest.

I don't get paid for it. My personal, hand-written journals are more beneficial to me. History reveals that I'm a successful failure with no consistency, so the damn thing will never amount to anything more than annoying ramblings of a fickle, opinionated pain in the ass. I could take the blog down today, and no one would notice or miss it.

This isn’t a pity party. It’s me asking myself, “Why the hell are you wasting your time?” If it were a true pity party, I’d actually pull the blog, quit completely, and mope about it. My answer … Why the hell not?

Why do you blog? I would especially love to hear from bloggers who don’t have sponsors and who don’t focus on one thing, such as fashion, makeup, health, fitness, etc. I suppose you call this “lifestyle” blogging. If there’s another description, please enlighten me!

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