2017 – Here’s to Successful Goals for a Change!

Year after year, the same goals are set. Year after the year, the same goals are not achieved. It’s frustrating, disappointing, and a little depressing.

My goals for 2016 were not met. Not one. I wrote this in December 2015:

I already know one thing I would like to put on a list of resolutions. I want to go on more adventures (great and small) to experience and absorb life outside of the walls of this house.

I did take a road trip with my girls (and dogs) to St. Louis to visit family in the summer, and we saw two Broadway shows late in the year: Phantom of the Opera and Cabaret. I also ventured out on my own a little more on my days off – discovered a new coffee shop and even saw a movie alone. We took a fall drive in the mountains but only really stopped at the summit, where there are no trees, and it was windy … and cold.

The reason more adventures (great and small) didn’t happen is that my main goal for the year wasn’t achieved … at all. That goal was planning. Having ADD, I’m terrible at getting anything done without a schedule, and I failed to schedule. It’s a painstakingly long process for me. So improving my planning skills and process is my main goal for this year.

Hello new journal - goodbye old journal. I let go of a journal I've been writing in for 3 years and begin a new one. I was excited to start writing in this new pretty leather journal, but the sentimental, gooshy, estrogen-driven, creature-of-habit I am is having a moment here. I have to tuck away the past three years of documented memories in a safe place and move on. Goal setting for 2017. New Year's Resolutions.

I have a new journal. This lovely little leather-bound journal is taking the place of my old decoupaged journal that I’ve been writing in for the past three years. THREE YEARS! That’s a lot of memories documented. It was a little hard to tuck the old journal away in a safe place. It’s become such a familiar friend. May the break from something old help push me to be more determined to finally achieve the goals I’ve been making year after year.

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