Annual End-of-Year Journal Recap

Each December, I read all of my journal entries for the entire year and write a recap outline entry. This year, sadly, it didn’t take very long to read because I severely slacked when it came to consistent writing.

Nevertheless, what I gleaned from my recap was that I appeared unhappy a lot of the time. I know that can’t be right, though. Had I written consistently, I’m sure I would have shared more happy times, zen moments, and gratitude. I don’t feel unhappy. My life is full, and I want for nothing. I am content.

Journaling is good for the soul.

I listed things that made me happy in 2016. Most were very simple things like going to see a movie, binge watching great shows on Netflix, reading, photography, and small family gatherings. A few were a little more extravagant like travel (to Missouri to see family) and new appliances (out of urgent necessity due to breakdowns and purchased on credit).

Then I listed some “joy goals” for 2017 based on these observations. New home decor items here and there (must be bargains). Go to see a movie or show at least once per month. Pick up my camera more often and not give a hoot what anyone thinks. Weekly (or more often) journaling. Set personal challenges and celebrate achievements.

I don’t need a lot. Seriously! A new pen or roll of Washi tape brings me joy!  

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