Flying Solo

Do you ever just go to a movie alone? Does that sound odd to you? Are you comfortable going places by yourself?

I do. It doesn’t. I am!

My brain is busy enough without having to hold a conversation all the time. This is probably the number one reason I do so well working remotely from my home. Going places alone means I can be totally selfish – not that I like being selfish all the time. I always agree with my choice of movie or food or where I shop or where I just sit and exist.

Do you ever just go to a movie alone?

Stop worrying about everyone else and everything there is to do, and find a nice place to sit and be totally aware of your surroundings. What do you see … high and low … left and right? Notice every color and texture. What do you smell? What do you hear? Don’t think about what you’re going to do next. Worry about that later.

Try this, and then come back and tell me how it felt. Were you able to relax and enjoy your surroundings? Did it make you uncomfortable or anxious?



Darcy Elliott

I don't believe humans truly have a purpose. Our goal is to survive until we expire. Period. Joy is pleasurable and worrying is not. Balance in life is crucial; but if the scales must tip, may they tip on the side of joy. I’m just another human trying to survive. I blog because I can and because I enjoy it, not because it serves any purpose.

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