Good Girls Revolt

Maybe I’m more of a feminist than I admit, but I don’t consider myself to be over the top about it. Good Girls Revolt, an Amazon Prime original series, portrays what it was like for women in the 1960s both in the workforce and in the home. When a woman hired as a researcher rewrote an article submitted by a man, that man was told the article “hit the bullseye”. When the woman stepped forward and announced that she rewrote it, she was told that’s now how they do things there. She was not going to get the by line. So she quit. That woman was Nora Ephron (who did, in fact, quit Newsweek in her career).

Nora’s work in New York Magazine, New York Times, and Esquire was legendary. She was also the director, screenwriter, and producer of one of my favorite movies, Julia & Julia.

While I appreciate when a man holds a door open for me, I don’t expect them to. I appreciate when anyone holds a door open for me. I believe a man can fetch a boss coffee just as well as a woman. I also believe a boss can fetch his own damn coffee, though. I appreciate my husband doing “heavy-lifting” work around the house, but I’ve been known to rearrange furniture and change light bulbs on my own.

I think the percentage of women who feel they can physically handle any job a man can handle is relatively small. I’m more interested in the intellectual roles that can be handled equally by women and men. It’s frustrating to be second guessed in favor of a man’s response or to be disregarded as insignificant – that what I have to say means nothing or is stupid. There are still many men (and some women) in this country that will believe a man or put their trust in a man before they’ll believe or trust a woman. No, this has nothing to do with the election. Timing is only a coincidence.

Good Girls Revolt

Sexism is still very alive in America, and that’s a real shame.

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