Where are we going to put the Christmas tree?

My daughter asked me this morning while sitting in the living room, “Where are we going to put the Christmas tree this year?” We’ve been able to work around our ever-changing furniture arrangements and additions. This year, we have hit a wall … we’ve actually run out of walls and corners. It’s going to take some fancy reconfiguration to make room for a tree this year. I have an idea. It will look a little strange, but it’ll do. The tree will be in front of the window this year.

This is the last day of October. Halloween. The birthday of the very daughter who brought this dilemma to my attention. There are still about four more weeks to figure this out, but I think my idea is going to be the only solution. Of course, there will be a picture once it’s up. Until then, think cozy thoughts!

'tis the season! This adorable cozy Christmas shop in the mall has me thinking of holiday decorating.

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