Awkward Silence

Do you ever use the front-facing camera (aka: selfie mode) to take a picture straight up? It wasn’t on purpose, but the image seen when set accidentally on the wrong mode was interesting to me, so I snapped it!

Selfie at Park Meadows Retail Resort (swanky name for mall).

It’s different. It’s a little outside the box. It’s me.

I may have trouble with words when speaking, but I never have trouble with images. Images are constant and all around us. If I ever lost my sight, I might just want to die. I could handle losing my voice much easier. Then I’d have an excuse for not talking.

Do you ever find yourself in a car or the same room with someone with nothing to say ending up with awkward silence?

It’s not because the company isn’t appreciated. I don’t always have enough to say to keep a conversation going. Well, I have a lot in my head … always. What’s in my head is jumbled and constant and is so many different things. If I spoke what’s in my head, it wouldn’t make any sense.

Many may think my written words don’t even make much sense. I can’t apologize for that. I type what I want. I type to get things out of my head to make room for more.

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