Stone Paper – Seriously!

This recent share on Facebook caught my attention. After digging, I found that the paper is not produced in the United States (if there are any U.S. manufacturers, I couldn’t find them). Calcium carbonate is ground into a fine powder and mixed together with a small amount of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is the synthetic plastic made from catalyzed natural gas byproducts.

Stone Paper

Curious, I found a small Oxford stone paper notebook at Walgreen’s and tested it. Sniff test: FAIL (gag). I tested a fine tip Sharpie, a gel pen, a ball point pen, and a pencil. I found there to be more resistance and not at all the smooth writing experience I expected. Verdict: two thumbs down.

Someone in the paper industry wrote that for every tree cut down for paper manufacturing, three more are planted. I’m sticking with my computer and what little paper I actually do use (mostly my journals and a couple notebooks).

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