My challenge to everyone:

Challenge: Read the facts, educate yourself on the issues and positions, and vote wisely.Turn off your TVs, radios, and podcasts. Stop reading one-sided blogs and vlogs. Spend time on the candidates’ official websites reading their positions on the important issues that are affecting our present and future.

Hillary Clinton

Donald J. Trump

No one is perfect. Moral ethics, sadly, have gone down the toilet.

Digging up the past to flash in front of everyone and asking if this person or that person is who you want your children looking up to is nothing but a distraction. Your children should look up to you. It’s your job to instill good moral ethics and integrity in your children.

Teach your children to have their own minds. Don’t shelter them (call it “protect” if you must) from the world around them. Rather, use current events as points of discussion to guide younger children and to understand what older children (tweens & teens) are taking away from the media … from society in general. Teach them how to check the facts before believing and sharing everything they hear. If you don’t know how to do this yourself, then learn.

Both candidates have positions that scare me. They also both have positions that make sense to me. I’m not far left or far right. I voted for a Republican and for Democrats. I have many liberal views and a few slightly conservative views. I don’t consider myself an extreme feminist, but I don’t believe women should be subservient to men. I like details, facts, and fairness. I don’t think being extreme anything is good.

Distractions are being waved in your face because they know that a lot of people base their vote on feelings. I think it’s disgusting that either one would resort to such tactics. I want to hear more details about what each plans to do in the future. I’m also interested in past accomplishments.

We’re getting down to the wire. Dodge the mud being slung and keep your focus on the positions on issues. Don’t throw your hands up and say they both stink. You’re probably right. Don’t throw in the towel and refuse to vote. Voting for who you think is the lesser of two evils (if that’s how you want to put it) is better than not voting at all.

Search for the facts. Educate yourself. VOTE!

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