Unhealthy Eating

Statistics show that losing weight at a rate of 1-2 pounds per week is best. Losing more than that per week can cause your metabolism to slow and your results to backfire – to put it bluntly.

So I guess gaining a pound in one day is equally unhealthy andCalories in vs calories burned. I went way over! much easier to do than losing a pound in one day! Yesterday I was bad … SO BAD! I knew it as soon as I ate that second Dunkin Donut in the morning. But did I turn it around the rest of the day? Nope! I continued on a downhill spiral and ended up taking in WAY more calories than I burned.

I’ve been so close to my 10-pound weight loss goal set on April 9 for over two weeks and hit a bit of a stalemate. I settled for a bit with a twisted thought that I already passed my goal because I had actually lost 13.5 pounds since my physical on March 18. That’s great, and feeling good in certain clothes again was comforting, but it’s not good enough.

I’m now at the weight I was nearly two years ago – a weight I was not OK with at that time. For a minute (i.e., the past two weeks), I was OK with that. I mean, 13.5 pounds in 3.5 months is good – right? I suppose, but I know I can do better than that. I can keep going!

I remember when I hit 127 pounds and felt crushed. When I hit 133 pounds, I remember thinking that I weighed that much when I was near the end of my second pregnancy. Just over two weeks ago, I was down to 134.2 from my April 9 weight of 143.8. Yes, I was THAT close to my goal. This morning … 136.4!

This is bad. I’m mad at myself! I wanted to break my goal and be 130 pounds or less by vacation time, which is just around the corner. I don’t think that’s going to happen. Now I just want receive my weight-loss goal achievement badge on my Fitbit app, and I have ten days to do it!



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