It’s the End of an Era … You Might Say

High school check out day.While many sentimental parents are posting pictures of their children’s last day of this or that grade in school, I thought I’d put together a quick blog post with my sentiments about my youngest child’s end of high school.

I’m not about to have an empty nest, so there’s no “syndrome” about to happen. Not exactly. Recently licensed to drive, she has this new-found sense of freedom. Taking a gap year to work and save money for college like her sister did will keep her at home, where she’ll continue to live throughout college. Smart choices that I proudly support!

My documentation of the end days is not the typical pose-for-the-camera fare. I have a picture of her and a friend walking into school to check out, and a quick video of her driving off to graduation ceremony rehearsal followed by a senior BBQ.

It’s the end of an era … you might say!


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