Fitness Challenge Strikes Again

Fitbit Flex aids in weight maintenance, loss, or gain - whatever your goal. It does more than count steps; it tracks sleep patterns, helps you track calories in vs. calories out, lets you log activities other than walking, helps you monitor how much water you drink, and more.I took my daughters to AT&T to get new phones on April 9 and found they had Fitbit items on sale for 50% off. On top of that, they were giving an additional 20% off if you bought three accessory products. Done! So I got a Fitbit Flex (sort of entry level I suppose) for cheap.

Since that Saturday afternoon, I’ve been faithfully tracking my sleep and activity and logging everything I eat daily. It’s been exactly four weeks now, and I’ve lost 5.2 pounds. I’m halfway to my first goal of losing 10 pounds.

What has been the most helpful aspect of the Fitbit?

I’m a bit competitive, so the challenge of keeping my calorie intake slight lower than my calorie output each day is motivating. Even my doc said that the simple act of tracking calories is a great way to lose or maintain weight. Just this week, I had a follow-up appointment to my March 18 physical, and I’ve actually lost 7 pounds since then.

Don’t let the skinny wrist in the photo above fool you. I’ve always had skinny ankles and wrists. Having small bones is just one reason to watch my weight. My cholesterol was a bit elevated as well, and extra weight isn’t good on the heart – especially when one has mitral-valve prolapse and a family history of heart problems. 😮

I thought Fitbit was just a step counter.

Nope! Nothing is exact (calories in & out are really just estimates), but Fitbit is a cool little tool to aid in awareness of activity AND how much you eat. I’ve stopped the mindless snacking straight from a bag of chips, but I haven’t cut out yummy treats completely. I often enjoy ice cream in the evening and an occasional ounce of chocolate dipped in peanut butter in the afternoon. 😉 I also enjoy more snacking on fruits & veggies now, too.

That whole recommended 10,000 steps per day thing? 😀 Yeah, that doesn’t happen. I changed my personal goal to 5,000 steps per day and rarely hit that because I work four 10-hour days per week at a desk.

I still don’t believe in fad diets, but I don’t knock the tried and true Weight Watchers system. It’s the diets that severely limit what you can eat (especially liquid diets and the unsupervised-by-doctors HCG diet) that scare me. Everyone needs to eat! Everyone does not need to over-eat. Tracking food intake and physical activity is smart no matter how you slice it. If I want an extra treat here and there, I make sure I get in a little more exercise. It really is as simple as that!


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