CANADA-cy | U.S. President

I don’t post my political views much (at least not loudly and harshly like others), but this is funny!

This is where this post takes a hard left turn.

What isn’t funny the fact that we are stuck right where we are. Everyone has to live with the decision made by the majority of the people who actually turn out to vote. No other country wants to receive those looking to bail out of the United States – much like no other state wants to receive “transplants” from other states (a WHOLE other post).

The Denver Post published an article about people moving into Colorado. Unlike those moving here simply for the allure of the location, we moved here WITH (and because of) a job – not to change jobs or climates. It’s the people who move here just to move here that are giving us a bad rap.

If I could abandon ship, my first choice would be England. I don’t think they are very receptive to receiving transplants, either. I’d really be returning to a piece of my roots because that’s where some of my ancestors are from. I don’t think they’d buy that, though.

Within the U.S., I’d have to win the lottery first so I wouldn’t have to worry about needing the income of full-time employment. Then I’d like to find a ranch home (so tired of stairs) on enough land so that neighbors can’t see into our house from their own or hear our music or television when we have our windows open or hear our conversations when we sit on the deck (which I don’t care to do much because they CAN see and hear us). I like privacy. To find such a place, we probably would not be close to any type of well-paying job. If it were out of state, I wouldn’t be able to continue to work for the company I work for – even though I work remotely from home.

I love Colorado! Except for the practically stacked housing in metro Denver, the air is cleaner, there are less smokers (of regular tobacco), being downtown doesn’t scare me, and there are mountains! At the risk of hurting family’s feelings, I do not miss living in metro St. Louis. In fact, I’m often scared for family and friends who still live there. I miss my people, not the place.

So many places in this country are going down the toilet. There are bad people just about anywhere you go these days. It’s not just this country; it’s the entire world. There’s no escaping it. We may as well shelter in place.


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