For a Fresh Outlook … Change the Scenery

Things were not well in the world of electronics this morning. Last night, my Microsoft Surface 3 started displaying phantom touches down the entire left side of the screen … just like the device before it, which was returned to Microsoft. So I shut it down and went to bed.

Microsoft Surface 3

This morning, I started the device back up, and an update completed. The phantom touches ceased. I then cleaned and calibrated the touchscreen and checked to be sure there were no more updates available. None were.

I scoured the interwebs for possible reasons for this or to see if Microsoft has finally admitted that this is a major known defect. I found nothing to indicate the latter, but I did find a suggestion that a possible interference with the touchscreen is fluorescent lighting (CFLs), cell chargers plugged into the same extension cord, and even sometimes ceiling fans. The fan thing is a little weird. I replaced the lightbulb in the corner of the family room where I normally use and keep my Surface.

Needing to clear my head while waiting for Cosmo to be done at the groomer, I headed to McAlister’s Deli for lunch and to take the Surface on a “test drive” outing. So far no new issues. (I’m knocking on wood here.) But the same thing happened with the first device. I noticed the issue, restarted the device, it stopped … only to return with a vengeance within a week.

McAlister's Deli Iced TeaI love the atmosphere at McAlister’s. It’s my first time here since it was formerly Paradise Café. There’s a private corner where I can have my back to the wall. No one can read over my shoulder. The music is just the right volume to mix with all the voices of other diners and provide the kind of noise I need to drown out distracting thoughts so I can write.

I got a fresh outlook by changing my scenery. I don’t think ahead to what I might do next or about what I should be doing instead. I just sat here getting my writing nerd on! 😛

Now Cosmo is ready to be picked up, and I have to go home and contact Microsoft Surface Support to have the incident documented. This at the advice of admin on their Facebook page.

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