What’s Your Biggest Regret?

“A blackboard stood in the middle of New York City asking passersby to write down their biggest regrets. At first, each regret seemed different and unique. After all, everyone has a different story. But as the board filled up, we noticed that all of these responses had one alarming thing in common.”

Source: We Asked People To Tell Us Their Biggest Regrets — But What They All Had In Common Was Heartbreaking

What are your little regrets?

Have you ever wanted to do something or go somewhere, but you passed on it? Later, did you look back and wish you had done it? Happens to me a lot.

What held you back? Usually, for me, I think I can just do it later. What if we don’t get a “later”?

2 Replies to “What’s Your Biggest Regret?”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! It’s actually my first time to see it and my tears were just flowing from my eyes uncontrollably since I was touched by the message of the video… I will reblog this if you don’t mind 🙂


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