Eating Habits

DietDid you know that we are all on a diet? The word DIET doesn’t mean weight-loss  food plan. Your diet consists of your normal daily food intake. What does your diet look like?

My diet doesn’t look as bad as it once did because I’ve taken the time to educate myself a bit about how the body processes certain foods we put into it. However, that’s only part of the equation. Movement and self-discipline when it comes to portion control are equally important.

Diet plans that you have to pay for are helpful for some, especially those who have a hard time with portion control or aren’t so great in the kitchen. Even these sort of plans tell you to exercise, though.

That’s where I fail. Hard.

I work four 10-hour days per week with an hour for lunch. I start at 7:00 a.m. and end at 6:00 p.m. I usually use part of that lunch hour to pay bills, schedule appointments, run to the grocery store when needed, and sometimes get dinner started in the crock pot. Before work, there are dogs to tend to, the kitchen to tidy up, and a school run to be done. After work, more tending to dogs, dinner, then collapsing on the couch to watch TV with my girls. My brain is done by then, and I often start falling asleep on the couch within the next two hours. {excuses}

What I need is a schedule. I know this! I’m terrible at planning and even worse at follow through. Once in a blue moon, something clicks in my brain allowing me to create elaborate plans, goals, and schedules. Those moments are fleeting, and things always come up causing conflict with the beautiful schedules I’ve established. {more excuses}

Stop making excuses!

That’s excellent but very hard advice to follow.

Starting from NO exercise at all, one must start out slowly. As little as 10-15 minutes is better than nothing at all. Right? Here’s one of many ideas you can find on the internet. How hard can that be? Then, with the increased energy naturally experienced with increased activity, it shouldn’t be hard to increase that amount of time by a few minutes at a time until reaching 30 minutes. Yeah? If only my right brain will listen to my left brain and give in!


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