Social Media Overload

Social networking sites. How much is enough? How much is too much? Are you truly networking or just sharing things blindly with no idea who sees what you post?

Your Brain on Social Media
Your Brain on Social Media

Facebook is where I stay connected with people who are closest to me. It’s a place to keep up with the day-to-day goings on and has all but replaced email and even phone conversations. (Don’t get me started on using the phone the “old fashioned way”. That’s a whole other animal … aka: source of anxiety!)

Twitter is where I find breaking news and weather reports as well as real-time information on events, etc. It’s a place to quickly share information in 140 characters or less and then follow a link for more details if desired. My blog posts are always shared on Twitter, and I occasionally tweet random thoughts that I’m sure no one really sees nor cares about.

I dabble in Google + as well. Communities are interesting but not that helpful to me. I do enjoy keeping track of news and entertainment through my Newsstand circle there. I could kiss G+ goodbye today and never miss it, though. I don’t get much interaction there at all.

I do get a kick out of posting random pictures on Instagram. It’s mostly just an outlet for artistic expression (many food pics there). I’m not on it for the followers and can’t STAND the “follow spam”. I could walk away from IG as well and gain a few extra minutes to my days to devote to blogging instead.

Lower on the totem pole is tumblr. It’s nice on the computer and similar to Instagram on phones. It can double as a blog and has some cool themes for that purpose. But I already have a blog. It would just be a total waste of time for me.

I have my profile/resume up on Linkedin and have shared some articles there, but it’s useless as a means sharing information like that. I’ll stick with keeping an updated resume there and leave it at that. I do share my photography blog posts there, but I get zero traffic from doing that. I just never think to disconnect Linkedin from my photography blog.

Redit and StumbledUpon? Forget about it. No time for that!

At the end of the day, keeping in touch with those closest to you is most important. So Facebook wins in that arena for me. This blog is just a writing outlet because no one wants to read this many words on Facebook! If any of my blog posts reach others in the world and mean anything to them, fantastic! Happy to help, inspire, inform, or otherwise entertain! Mostly, though, my writing is “just because”.


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