Hit the ground running…

Wake up in the morning, pour a cup of coffee, feed the dog (the other is still sleeping), and empty/load the dishwasher. Don’t stop there! Clean out the fridge and take out both the trash and recycling. On a roll!

Then… wah, wah! Sidetracked by all things internet. Although it seems that everything has come to a halt, it really didn’t; I still accomplished things!

I had to backtrack to find out what led my monkey mind from branch to branch, tree to tree, jungle to jungle even! I’ve got it! I started a search on Colorado Photographers Facebook group to see if there were any recommended cell phones with rave reviews on their cameras (a search that makes no difference because I can’t upgrade for a long time).

There, I found photos using VSCO filters. I have the VSCO app on my cellular device. VSCO has something like Instagram and Tumbler had a baby. I was instantly intrigued and created an account. I now have a VSCO Grid! Instead of being selfie-centric, though, the sight is more for true photography enthusiasts … the creatives.

I saw that I could create a widget to share my VSCO Grid on my blog, which led me to changing the theme of my blog site. It’s not a drastic change, just a bit fresher. It looked kind of naked, so (swinging to yet another branch) I created a custom header for it. Much better!

Now off to do some in-between-haircuts maintenance to the mop on my head, shower, and go shopping with the girlies! Have a great day everyone!


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