Time to Get Mad | Health and Fitness

Heart Rate
Heart Rate

It’s time to get mad about my health and fitness level. My current fitness level is abysmal! This is affecting my physical and mental health. My muscles yell at me after small amounts of physical exertion, and I’m so tired all the time, which gets me down because I can’t accomplish everything I want to accomplish in a day.

I know that aging has a lot to do with weight gain due to changing hormone levels, but my current sedentary lifestyle is certainly an accomplice! It was depressing to see the scale pass 130 pounds last year. I was up to 136 pounds a month before my son’s wedding and managed to lose about five pounds before the big day. Now I’m hovering just over the 140 mark and am really getting uncomfortable because all of the weight is going straight to my upper body (mid section, upper arms, and upper back). My BMI is right at the borderline for ideal weight and overweight. 😦

Remember, I’m only 5’3″ with small bones. My wrists are 5.75″ and my ankles are 7.5″ in diameter!

Over the last few days, I’ve tried to be more active with normal tasks and such (no exercise regimes, just out and about). Last night, I tossed in some jumping around and silly jumping jacks just to see if I could do them anymore – just a few! This morning I stretched a little then ran in place for ONE MINUTE, and my heart rate shot up to 144. That’s unacceptable! For my age, that’s considered Zone 4 (out of 5 zones)…

Heart Rate Chart by Age

So… as much as I poo-poo’d people being so focused on dieting (mainly when fad diets are mentioned), I will be adjusting my diet and getting more active. I suppose I’m technically going on a more restrictive diet. The word diet means “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.” Everyone is on a diet!

To keep my desire to chew food at bay … GUM!

I’m not worried about a drop in calorie intake at the beginning. I don’t intend to drastically restrict my calorie intake on a daily basis. My goal is to reset my metabolism while dumping a few pounds per week to reach my first goal weight of 133 in two weeks so I can start to be comfortable again. If I can hit 130 by the end of September, I’ll be a happy camper. If I make it below 130, a celebration is in order!


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