No Planned Parenthood Investigation in Colorado

In this article dated 8/25/2015, it was stated:

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman says state law requires the investigation be conducted by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, or CDPHE, which told 9NEWS Tuesday that it has no plans to investigate Planned Parenthood.

It further reads:

A pro-life activist group, Center for Medical Progress, is releasing periodic undercover videos which it says show Planned Parenthood illegally profited from such tissue and organ transfers.

This group says Planned Parenthood illegally profited from such tissue and organ transfers. No proof is offered in this article.

I Stand with Planned Parenthood
I Stand with Planned Parenthood

On the flip side, this article on the Colorado Springs Independent website comes to the defense of Planned Parenthood. In it, Senator Michael Merrifield explained that the Colorado Springs Gazzette refused to print his article, which doesn’t bode well for them in regards to public discussion. From this article:

Have you ever gotten a polio or measles vaccine?

If so, you benefited from the type of research condemned by these dishonest, deceptive, heavily edited videos. Fetal tissue research has been common medical practice since the 1930s, was instrumental in the development of the polio vaccine and has been federally funded since 1993. At that time, both of Colorado’s U.S. senators, Hank Brown and Ben Nighthorse Campbell, voted for it. Today it’s used to help find cures for Parkinson’s, HIV/AIDS, macular degeneration and other chronic illnesses.


Let’s be completely clear: Planned Parenthood broke exactly zero laws!

How about this?

One in five American women will utilize Planned Parenthood’s services in her lifetime. Also, each year 2.7 million Americans visit Planned Parenthood for reproductive health care, education, information and outreach.

I am one of those women! When I was 17 and choosing NOT to be abstinent, I went to Planned Parenthood for birth control pills. Mind you, I am not condoning frivolous sex here. I’ve been with that same man ever since. Mind blowing, huh?! 🙂

If you didn’t take the time to read this second article by clicking the link I provided, I’m going to go on to share even more important facts from it.

Annually, Planned Parenthood provides 400,000 pap tests and 500,000 breast exams, and 80 percent of its clients receive services to prevent unintended pregnancy. Only 3 percent of the health care Planned Parenthood provides is abortion services, and federal funds are not used to finance them.

Other states that have shut down Planned Parenthood have seen terrible consequences. Indiana shut down rural clinics and was rewarded with an HIV outbreak. Poor women in Texas no longer can receive cancer screenings.


Each year, more than 106,000 women, men and teens visit Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains’ 30 health centers throughout its four-state region, including Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Wyoming. In 2014, more than 11,000 people received cancer screenings from Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, more than 100,000 HIV and STD tests were provided, more than 100,000 people received reproductive health care, and nearly 230,000 units of contraception, including birth control pills and condoms, were distributed.

Thank you for considering both sides of the story.

UPDATE: Article published on 8/27/2015 reveals videos were altered…

Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos Were Altered, Analysis Finds


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