Vision & Photography

Trifocal vision is a pain in the ass.
The Trifocal Dilemma

I’m a photographer, and my eyes are getting old. My mind is still young, and I can hear and smell as well as my dogs. Those senses don’t help much when it comes to taking pictures. 😦 I have trifocal vision, but I will not get trifocal lenses.

I wear one pair of glasses when watching TV, going out, driving, and taking pictures. I have to lift my glasses or tip my head back and look down to review settings and images. It’s a bit of a strain on the eye muscles, but I can deal with that. I wear another pair of glasses when working on the computer. I don’t wear glasses at all when reading a book or looking at my phone.

Losing my eyesight is one of my biggest fears because I’m a very visually observant person … and because I love photography! Because I do not have single vision and have dry eyes means I am not a candidate for corrective surgery on my eyes. So that’s out of the question.

My nearsightedness has been improving over the last several years. I’m considering giving progressive lenses another shot. Yes, I’ve done it before. The bottom Rx was “computer strength”, though. That had me tossing my head back because my monitors are elevated, and that was literally a pain in the neck. So I switched to two different pairs of glasses. The computer glasses are still working for my 9 to 5 work monitors, but I don’t use glasses at all for my personal computer because I sit closer to it.

What I have a bigger issue with is when I’m out places. Grocery shopping and reading menus at restaurants. Lots of removing of the glasses. Pain in the ass. So my thought is to have the progression go from distance Rx to no Rx at all near the bottom of the lenses. That way I won’t be straining my eye muscles looking under my lenses all the time.

Now to make an appointment…


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