Vacation Continued | Rocky Mountain National Park

Feeling the heat, we decided to head for higher ground on Thursday … much higher ground. Trail Ridge Road sounded like the perfect solution. It may have been 60-something degrees at the Alpine Visitor Center, but it’s wickedly windy up there and feels much colder than what the thermometer tells you! Trying to stand still to take photos is not a simple task, either. I did manage to get some good shots for being up there mid-day. The best photos await the early birds and night owls for sure! Both are on the bucket list!

Rocky Mountain National Park - Trail Ridge Road

See more photos in my Google + album, Rocky Mountain National Park – Trail Ridge Road.

Once we made it to the top and I was able to get out of the car and soak in the scenery and capture it with my camera, I felt myself relax. I found my happy place. No words needed to be spoken or heard. Nature and all its glory!

A lot of things make me anxious. I can’t help that. It’s how I’m wired. People say, “RELAX!” Yeah, it’s not that simple. Sorry. The thing that helps me relax is silence (perhaps a little soft music). Being somewhere in nature taking pictures or reading a book is my solace. I can be alone with my thoughts without the risk of others judging, getting mad at me, or debating with me – all of which cause that anxiety to creep in and me to shut down.

So being in the mountains surrounded by things that are so much larger than us puts things into perspective and makes it easier to not sweat the small stuff. 🙂


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