Georgetown Vacation Stay

I’m lounging on the patio listing to the water rush by across the street at our vacation rental home (found on  in Georgetown, Colorado. Nearby, I hear someone playing a piano. Hummingbirds are flying around, and I swear I just heard a rooster crow. Yep! Heard it again! 😀 Sounds I don’t hear outside at home. Bliss. (The trucks on the not-too-distant highway don’t even both me.)

Clear Creek in Georgetown, CO

Inside, I heard morning DJs babble on and then the TV. Sounds I do hear at home. This is vacation. I want to enjoy relaxing things. These things are relaxing to me:

  • Starting the day in silence or with soft music (piano is perfect!)
  • Sounds of nature
  • Sites of nature 🙂
  • Leisurely strolls or hikes while taking the time to soak in every visual and audible stimuli (without technologic interference) and stopping to take pictures

After arriving at 4pm yesterday, we got the dogs calmed down and settled in then walked into town (2 or 3 blocks) and ate dinner at Lucha Cantina. None of the stores have hours posted, but just after 6pm, the soda shop (ice cream!) and Georgetown Valley Candy Company were already closed. 😦 We’ll try to hit those this afternoon.

I feel like my exposed lower legs are getting toasty in the high altitude morning sun, so I think I should stop here and go get ready for whatever adventures today brings.


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