An Atheist’s Open Letter Leaves Christians Feeling Persecuted

A social network friend posted an article with a nod of agreement, which sparked a mutual social network friend to write a post of their own that clearly demonstrated feelings of being persecuted for their beliefs. Since the privacy of the post was set to public view, I am free to quote the entire post here:

‘If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you’ John 15:18 – Tired tonight as my Facebook feed is filled with hate. I live my life to bring God glory and share the good news of the gospel. When I share my beliefs, my testimony, my God with you it isn’t out of judgement, condemnation or hate. I share these things with you out of love, because following Jesus Christ has changed absolutely every aspect of my life. I am a sinner, I struggle daily and sometimes I feel like I pray a million times a day for God to help me to live my life in a way that will bring him glory. I am a Christian, I do not hate you. Article after article goes up written in hate towards Christians. I know the bible tells us this will be so. I just find it a bit pointless that those who feel so judged, condemned and hated would try to change things by doing the exact same thing to other individuals. Do you want to know why I offer to pray for you? Who I pray to? What difference this has made in my life? How horrible of a person I was BEFORE I surrendered my life to my savior Jesus Christ? I’d love to tell you all about it 🙂 So goodnight Facebook, maybe tomorrow we could all fill our news feeds with actual love, appreciation and respect for one another. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

I replied to this post:

This is why I walk away from Facebook from time to time. One can only take so much negativity and hate. Though, some posts are only sharing a viewpoint and not at all meant to hate or tear down another’s beliefs. It can be hard to differentiate sometimes. 😉

Though the writer did take to his personal blog to share his thoughts and feelings, where he has the freedom to do so, he did state that he graciously thanks those who offer to pray for him and his family. He doesn’t lecture each and every one of the people who offer prayer. Also, since I read the post with an open mind, I didn’t detect any outright persecution of those who believe in God. The comments that followed the post are a different story (and there are many comments).

Atheism and TheismWhich side am I on? Neither, really. At this point, I think it’s most accurate to say I’m an agnostic. I like to tell people that I’ll keep them in my thoughts. If there’s a god who knows what we “pray” for even before we do so, then I suppose my thoughts are heard. If there’s some energy that binds us all together and the power of our thoughts resonates through some other plane of existence, that’s also good. If thinking about a situation merely expresses empathy and/or sympathy, then how can that ever be wrong?

What struck me most curiously is the fact that what one person posted stirred up feelings of being persecuted in someone else. Those feelings were so powerful, that they felt the need to write their own post about feelings of condemnation and hate. I find the psychology of it all quite fascinating!

Words by Zachner

2 Replies to “An Atheist’s Open Letter Leaves Christians Feeling Persecuted”

  1. I too read the article, and thought the comments were indeed more interesting and some really terrible, on both sides of belief. It is interesting how we, as humans, really want each other to understand our beliefs, no matter what they are. We just all want to be heard.

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  2. I read that post too, and thought the comments were more interesting than the article. Of course there wasn’t any actual persecution going on. It’s an easy term to throw around inaccurately. But it made me wonder how weak one’s investment in a belief must be if merely reading an opposing view could cause them to feel uneasy enough to use the term.

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