Is Beauty Really Only Skin Deep?

It’s hard to believe loved ones when they tell you that you’re beautiful just the way you are when you’ve heard them criticize or make any sort of derogatory remarks about others’ imperfections. Self-image is learned. If a child were brought up completely shielded from such criticisms, I wonder if their self-image would be any different.

I play a lovely game of ping-pong with my own body image. Just when I think I accept my body just the way it is, I’ll hear a snide remark about someone else’s appearance and rethink that acceptance. Why should I believe I’m acceptable when someone else is deemed distasteful for looking almost exactly the way I look. Does this make sense?

Photographer, Sue Bryce wrote a post and shared a video that brought this to mind.

Body Image

Even children can unknowingly add to self-consciousness. A nine-year-old asked me if I was pregnant when my twins were less than a year old. I hadn’t thought about my gut much before that comment. I’ve been self conscious about it ever since. I feel like if I could redistribute that extra padding to my backside, I’d be OK with it. I just don’t like it where it is. It makes putting shoes and socks on uncomfortable, too. Oof!

So there you have it. Raw and exposed. I am not comfortable with the little bit of belly fat I have. HOWEVER, I view others as perfectly fine no matter how they are shaped! How’s that for confusing. It’s like what I described above in reverse. Why would others believe I think they’re fine just the way they are when I have trouble accepting my own body?

Words by Zachner

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